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APEC Thai Silk Fashion Show

The first ever fashion show in the history of APEC Summit since 1989 was held in Bangkok Thailand during APEC Economics Leaders’ Week at Press Center, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center



This is not just a fashion show but a Thai Silk fashion show designed and tailored by fashion designers or fashion brands
from the APEC member economies under the concept: Thai Silk Through the Eyes of Fashion Designers from APEC



Thai Silk fabrics was sent to the participating designers 3 months ahead of the Summit and transformed into beautiful
contemporary Thai Silk outfits and delivered back to Bangkok Thailand ready for the fashion show



Thai Silk fabrics used are handwoven by Thai silk farmers around the country using natural material and traditional
weaving techniques passed down from generations to generations. Since the Thai silk fabrics are not machine produced,
they are limited in quantities and high in quality. A sustainable economy started off more than 70 years ago in Thailand



The member economies are connected by Thai silk and creativity, bring the members ever closer together



Here is the list of participating fashion designers and brands of each member economy



Live :  Thai Silk Through The Eyes of APEC