What is APEC?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a regional economic forum with 21 member economies across Asia-Pacific region. Established in 1989, APEC has its core value on promoting regional economic integration under a non-legally binding manner and friendly environment. In the now-extended COVID-19 era, APEC has made its utmost effort to adapt and tackle with the unprecedented challenges which effect the region’s economic well-being. Putrajaya Vision 2040 has been put in place with an essence to drive APEC’s economy to be more open, dynamic, resilient and peaceful.

Thailand as a host of APEC 2022 works with a fresh perspective to ensure that APEC will achieve a more balanced, resilient and sustainable growth. From the year of “Join, Work, Grow” in 2021, to the year of “OPEN, CONNECT and BALANCE” in 2022, APEC will be strengthened to be more adept,agile, result-oriented, and relevant to the prosperity of our people and businesses. For more information, please visit 

Thailand’s policy priorities for APEC 2022:

Thailand’s theme for APEC 2022 is to make APEC OPEN to all opportunities, CONNECT in all dimensions, and BALANCE in all aspects. As we believe that the world needs a paradigm shift and actions to achieve a more balanced and sustainable post-COVID-19 economy, Thailand has adopted the Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model as a part of our post-pandemicnational recovery strategy. The economic model integrates three mainstream approaches to sustainability for a more holistic and balanced approach to advance our economic, environmental and social goals. At the core of the BCG Economy Model is a campaign to rally each and every one to shift theirbehaviour to “balance all things”. It reinforces continuing global efforts on climate change, and compounds with those efforts to together accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This is the engine driving our APEC host year’s priorities.

OPEN to all opportunities – Facilitating trade and investment

This priority focuses on facilitating trade and investment, including financial inclusion, greater ease of doing business and creating an enabling environment, as well as initiating a refreshed conversation on the realization of FTAAP through the post-COVID-19 lens to advance APEC regional economic integration that embraces new emerging trade issues such as e-commerce and digital economy, while enhancing capacity building for all economies.

CONNECT in ALL dimension – Reconnecting the region

The essence of this priority is to focus on promoting safe and seamless resumption of cross-border travel, reinvigorating tourism and the services sector, increasing investment in health security as well as facilitating greater business mobility, while utilizing digital technology to accelerate connectivity within the region. 

BALANCE in ALL aspects

The final priority focuses on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth by exploring economic models and practices which prioritize addressing climate change and the region’s other serious environmental challenges in tandem with robust and resilient economic growth, while ensuring a whole-of-society participation and delivering equitable benefits to all people. 

Thailand and APEC



or a woven bamboo basket is #APEC2022 logo, embodying traditions & lifestyles of Thai communities. Its design & craftsmanship reflect local knowledge & creativity in transforming raw materials into functional, innovative & durable items which remain useful to this day. A “chalom” is used to carry goods and gifts on our journey towards open trade and connectivity. Like a chalom, APEC can weave together our diverse strengths & join efforts to build a strong, resilient, inclusive & sustainable Asia-Pacific for our future generations.