Registering for
APEC 2022

APEC brings together representatives from throughout the Asia Pacific region – the most dynamic regional economy in the world. Throughout the year APEC members will discuss and debate trade and economic policy.


All APEC participants are required to register before attending APEC meeting through your Designated Accreditating Officers (DAO). Registration period will be in Administrative Circular. The confirmation email will be sent to all APEC participants, when the registration is completed. We will provide all relevant meeting information to registrants.

Non-APEC Member Participation and Guest Registration

Before accessing APEC registration process, invited non-APEC member and guests will be required to get an approval by all APEC economy and APEC Secretariat. After the approval, we will generate Username and password for you to enter the accreditation site which you can register by yourself. 

Media registration

Department of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for all media participants. Media participants who require to enter APEC events will need to apply as a media delegate, you will need to apply by emailing [email protected] We will need the following information to consider your application:
* First name and surname
* Email address
* Media organisation
* Letter confirming employment by your media organisation (on your organisation’s letterhead)
Once your application is approved, the APEC Thailand team will contact you for further information to complete your registration.
If you need general assistance with the registration process at any stage, please contact [email protected]

You can find more information in our Media kit here 

On-site registration

On-site registration will also be available for facilitating registered participants and late registration at meeting venue. 

Please further enquiries about registration, please contact [email protected]

Virtual Background

In order to promote APEC identity, all participants are encouraged to use the APEC 2022 Thailand virtual background during virtual meetings. The background can be download here.